The West and National Identity

On Friday morning the Scottish people must felt like the failed suicide who awakes in hospital the next day and wonders to himself: "Now why in the hell did I do a stupid thing like that?" The convincing drubbing that the independence movement took on Thursday should have made most Scots aware of how facile and threadbare were their ideas of separation. Without a solid financial structure, with the threat of the UK withdrawing the usage of the English pound and with the EU 's own president declaring how difficult it would be for Scotland to gain entry into the European Union, there was, in the end, really no doubt about the result. Secession would have brought economic and political pain beyond endurance. Suicide averted and now life can move on.  But the foolish Scottish secession movement may be a harbinger of more drastic things to come. Put simply, the drive to break up great nations has not ended; it has only just begun. Catalonians and...(Read Full Article)