The Alarmist Rains in Phoenix

The floods in Phoenix from the severe rainstorm earlier this week, on cue, brought out the climate alarmists. At Mashable, Andrew Freedman writes that "so far today, 3.29 inches of rain has fallen in the desert city [Phoenix], which makes it the wettest calendar day on record there. This smashed the previous record of 2.91 inches, which was set in 1931." Actually, according to the NOAA National Weather Service database, the previous daily record was 2.91 inches in 1939 (September 1939, coincidentally), not 1931. The possible link to climate change come with this statement: "Climate studies have shown that all across the U.S., precipitation has been falling in heavier bursts in recent years as air temperatures have increased, since milder air holds more moisture. The biggest increase in the amount of precipitation falling in very heavy precipitation events has been in the Northeast, but the Southwest has also a greater share of its rains come in heavy bursts...(Read Full Article)