Should Joe Biden Step Down?

Vice President Biden is being urged by liberal activists to “brush up his Shakespeare.” His friends are trying desperately to clean up the latest mess that Joe Biden has caused. He recently told a group at a Legal Services Corporation event that his son, Beau Biden, had worked to protect our soldiers from “Shylocks” -- whom he described as unscrupulous lenders. This is only one of the oldest anti-Semitic slurs in our language. It stems from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and the Bard’s caricature of a moneylender. Shakespeare may have been playing to the “groundlings” -- those common theatergoers in Elizabethan England who could not afford seats in the Globe Theatre, but who could be relied upon to guffaw and gape at the antics on stage. The grosser and more offensive, the better. And anti-Semitism played well with those groundlings. Well, Vice President Biden does not disappoint the groundlings today. He typically will engage...(Read Full Article)