Scotland and Separatism

The Scottish people have decisively rejected independence, but the voices from other peoples in Europe, like the Basques of Spain, remain hot issues.  What does that mean to the great cause of freedom in the world? The United Kingdom recognized that the Scottish people could elect independence.  That salient fact says it all: the Scots were not forced to stay in an unhappy marriage.  But they were forced to state that this marriage was, on balance, a good one for the Scottish people. The best analogy to what happened in Scotland is what has been happening for decades in Canada.  Quebec has demanded and received special rights from the nine English-speaking provinces.  As a consequence, Quebec, whose voters could choose to become an independent nation, has chosen to remain part of Canada.  In both these instances, the goodies the greater union provides to the disgruntled national minorities proved much more important than any lust for...(Read Full Article)