How Come No Street Protests Against ISIS from Leftwing

During the recent Gaza war, Israel was forced to defend herself from thousands of rockets and destroy 40 tunnels dug by Hamas terrorists planning to enter Israeli kindergartens and malls from underground hatches.  In response to Israel’s military defense, we witnessed vicious anti-Israel, anti-Jewish protests all across Europe organized by leftists and Moslems.  They were hateful, with signs calling for “Jews to the gas chambers,” duplicated here in America by various Moslem groups. Their anger, condemnation, and call for Israel’s annihilation was all done in the name of “human rights, and for women and children”… and, of course, “morality.’ So moral were the demonstrators that they burned Jewish stores, attacked Parisian synagogues, beat old rabbis and a woman wearing a Star of David, and, in England, raided city supermarkets and threw kosher food, Israeli produce, and goods manufactured by Jewish companies off of...(Read Full Article)