Educational 'Reforms' Are Crushing Our People

We see social engineering now at the center of all educational reform.  Whether at the local level or, as is now more and more the case, at the federal level (Race to the Top moneys to support Common Core), the meta-purpose is a new social engineering whereby the individual teacher, the individual student, or even the individual principal is moved away from center stage.  Systemic reorganization of educational institutions pretends to have as its highest goal "efficiency," where students move smoothly toward their goals without setbacks, failures, or unnerving attacks on their self-esteem.  A new meta-control by the master puppeteers of management infrastructure working alongside software curriculum creators is the basis for a new partnership.  The roles of individual actors within the schools – student, counselor, teacher, or even principal – become supporting cast, so to speak, for the overarching goals set by this partnership. Even...(Read Full Article)