Don't Blame the NFL

On the opening weekend of the 2014 NFL season, 1696 players suited up for game one. Of these, 1694 are in their twenties and thirties. Based on a survey I did of the AFC South division a few years ago, roughly 1170 of these players are African American. A few have gotten into trouble lately. As every sentient American knows, Ravens star running back Ray Rice punched out his girlfriend in an Atlantic City casino elevator, and Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson roughly disciplined one of his children, perhaps two. According to the USA Today database, these are the most prominent of the 38 black players who have had a run-in with the law in 2014. Of the 38, ten have been accused of some form of violence, usually fighting or domestic abuse. Most of the rest were arrested or cited for drug or alcohol-related offenses. During the last ten years, only a handful of NFL players have done something deserving an extended stay in a penitentiary. In 2007, Falcons quarterback...(Read Full Article)