Confronting PC: Some Will Financially and Politically Die

I caught a bit of an interview with conservative actor Kevin Sorbo promoting his movie, God's Not Dead, on Sean Hannity's radio show.  Sorbo lamented that political correctness operatives continue to bully Americans with little pushback.  He cited a recent incident in which a little girl was kicked out of school for saying “God bless you” when a classmate sneezed, punished for religious talk in school. My wife Mary told me about a U.S. soldier who was told by a school never to walk his child to school in uniform again.  I am sure all of you could share horror stories of political correctness operatives overruling common sense and bullying people into submission. Admittedly, I continuously rant about this topic.  Folks, while I have evolved into a somewhat sophisticated responsible adult, my roots are in the hood, in the projects of east Baltimore.  Living in that extremely tough environment, I knew that if you did not deal with...(Read Full Article)