Bromides about Bombing

A fact that every politician and news talking-head in the world seems to be certain of is that you can’t win a war by air power alone.  Even the media-hired retired generals throw it out as an absolute truth of warfare, as if it had fallen from the lips of Sun Tzu himself.  Ask anyone, civilian, military, whatever, and he will quickly inform you of the truth of that unassailable rule of modern warfare. But when has any nation ever in history attempted to prevail in war by the singular use of airpower?  “It has never happened because it just won’t work.”  And how do you know that with such certainty if you acknowledge it has never been tried? The first use of massive airpower and strategic bombing took place in WWII, in Europe and in the Pacific war.  The allied air forces were bombing Nazi Germany into rubble when we launched our invasion of Europe.  What if we had just continued the strategic bombing campaign and...(Read Full Article)