Attack of the 50-Foot Killer Elite Monster

Folks, this crap has gotten serious. Our fellow Americans, black and white, are suffering and even dying because elitists in politics and the mainstream media have been selling false narratives (aka lies) to black youths for decades. A recent article exposed the unreported phenomenon that mobs of hundreds of black youths are wreaking havoc in major cities, attacking innocent whites, including old men and women. They are stealing and destroying property at will, without getting arrested I might add. Why are these black youths so filled with racial hate? Why do they feel justified in their actions? I throw the blame at the feet of the elites with big stages and big microphones that hate America as founded; the let's-help-Obama-fundamentally-transform-the country crowd. Using their powerful platforms in public schools, Hollywood, TV and news outlets, elites have been spreading their evil gospel of victimhood, division and hate. When you consistently tell black kids via the...(Read Full Article)