Apple, Google, and Greenwashing

I love Apple products. I have and use an extravagant number of Apple devices. I own Apple stock. Apple is a great company. But, Apple has a dark, pandering side. Like many companies, Apple swears allegiance to green dogma. The allegiance is mostly lip service, along with a few well-publicized green projects, such as their solar power installation in North Carolina that supplements coal power to run an Apple server farm. According to the Guardian, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that the climate change issue “resonates with Apple’s workers and customers” and that is why the company has moved from environmental laggard to green leader. In other words, Apple is pandering to its employees and customers. Corporations do that, but they don’t usually claim that the future of the Earth is at stake. The Guardian reports that Cook went on to say that “he doesn't believe there’s a tradeoff between the economy and the environment.” Cook, like many...(Read Full Article)