A Gay Jew Goes to Church

Church, I am told, is a dangerous place to be. “Two out of three Americans believe gay people commit suicide at least partly because of messages coming out of churches…” CNN reported in 2010. Dan Savage, a gay activist, is quoted as saying he remembers “…being told to go home and commit suicide and that he was going to hell," confirming the study’s findings stating it "totally jibes with my experience and that of millions of  other gay and lesbian people." The New York Times reporting on the suicide of Tyler Clementi in 2012 described how Tyler’s mother left their church which “made them resistant to their [gay] son’s declaration” and that because her evangelical church taught her that homosexuality was a sin, she was negligent in preventing her son’s apparent suffering.  The Huffington Post intellectualized how Christians today would comfortably engage in violent terrorism simply...(Read Full Article)