Jihadis and Warmunists: Brothers Under the Skin

Watching the parade of the naïve, the far left, and their energy-hogging celebrity manipulators marching in New York City this week, I was struck by how much these true believers had in common with jihadis, a notion reinforced by Purdue Professor Louis Rene Beres’ description of jihadis in Gatestone Institute and my friend “Ignatz's’" comment at Just One Minute. Both movements seem to these authors to be a means of denying death and change and making the mortal, immortal and the insignificant individual life, a significant force when massed with others. If this is true -- and I think it is -- we cannot defeat these irrational movements in the ordinary ways.  New strategies are called for. Jihadis Beres’ argument (and you should read it all to fully understand it) is, in sum, that the bloody depredations of jihadism provide its adherents with a “delusion of immortality” and a “religious...(Read Full Article)