'Yazidi is Kurdish for 'Unarmed Israeli'

So said the brilliant Iowahawk this week as most people of the world watch in horror the spectacle of 40,000 members of this beleaguered Iraqi minority huddled without food or water on rocky Sinjar mountaintops. Below them the savages of ISIS kidnap Yazidi women, raping them and selling them into slavery. Heads of children ISIS decapitated are displayed on pikes in public parks and there are reports of distraught families tossing their beloved babies from mountaintops rather than watch them slowly starve to death. This barbarism comes after tens of thousands of Christians were raped, murdered, driven from their ancestral homes and stripped of all their possessions by ISIS. The president took a brief respite from his heavy fundraising, golf, and vacation schedule to order some bombs dropped on Erbil to protect Americans there and some food drops for the Yazidis, but with no real plan. His was obviously a response to the horror the crimes inspired in Americans tempered by domestic...(Read Full Article)