Transgenderism and Unemployment: What Really Matters

In his introduction to Things That Matter (New York, 2013), Charles Krauthammer makes an important distinction between the classical liberalism of John Stuart Mill and the progressive liberalism of the 20th century: “Mill held that truth emerges from an unfettered competition of ideas and that individual character is most improved when allowed to find its own way uncoerced.  Modern liberalism’s perfectionist ambitions…seeks to harness the power of government, the mystique of science and the rule of experts to shape both society and citizen and bring them both, willing or not, to a higher state of being.”  Krauthammer’s observation is closely allied with what Charles Murray said more recently in his June 30 Wall Street Journal article, “The Trouble Isn’t Liberals. It’s Progressives,” where Murray writes: “… progressive intellectuals were passionate advocates of rule by disinterested experts led by a strong...(Read Full Article)