The Un-Islamic Delusion of Smart Diplomacy

During the Falklands conflict of 1982, the cartoonist Berkeley Breathed had a cartoon of Opus the Penguin standing up as bullets whizzed by his head looking bewildered and saying, “Was it something I said?” Militant Islam is certainly the central challenge not only for U.S. diplomatic policy but for the diplomatic policy of European and Western democracies. Evidently, the smart part of the “smart diplomacy” of the Obama administration’s foreign policy in dealing with militant Islam, boils down to making sure we speak nicely and carry a big guilt complex. This is manifest in the seemingly innocuous "un-Islamic" meme that is at the center of "smart diplomacy". No matter what calamity or gruesome event takes place on our shores or in the Middle East or Africa, we are to be assured that despite the perpetrators claim to be carrying out the will of Allah, that their actions are un-Islamic. Islam has nothing to do with it. From the...(Read Full Article)