The Show Should Go On in London

In a popular Sherlock Holmes story, the solution to the mystery hinges on the curious incident of the dog that did not bark.  No mystery hinges on the reality that Europe did not bark about the committing of crimes against humanity and war crimes by Hamas, the terrorist group that occupies and controls Gaza in using civilians, especially children, as human shields to prevent any Israeli response to attacks on its civilians. Instead, noises quite different in character have been voiced in the hostile words and actions of citizens in various European countries.  Only a few examples are necessary to make the point.  One example came from the lips of the Italian Marxist philosopher and former member of the European Parliament Gianni Vattimo, whose blatantly frank opinion was, in language not usually used by a philosopher, “I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists.”  Fortunately, since he was exempted from military service, he couldn’t really...(Read Full Article)