The Real Reason for the Tantrum in Ferguson

Rest assured that the riots, the violence, the looting, and the destruction of private property that has taken place in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of Michael Brown’s death has all been for the greater good.  The attention all of this brings will, according to Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, “make it better for our sons to be better black men.”  Pardon me for asking the question, but should we be teaching our children to become better white men, brown men, or black men rather than simply becoming better men and better American citizens?  I’ll stop there, lest I offend someone with my lack of focus upon one’s skin color and the need to cling to racial identities. “St. Louis has never had its true race moment,” according to Ferguson committeewoman Patricia Byrnes.  They’ve never had the moment where they’ve had to “confront this.”  “This,” of course, is...(Read Full Article)