Seven Reasons why the ACA Pot keeps Boiling Over

It has been over four years signed ACA (originally PPAHCA; colloquially ObamaCare) was signed into law. Why is there at least as much controversy and outright anger today as there was prior to March 23, 2010? There are at least seven reasons why the ACA pot keeps boiling over. 1: Healthcare as win-lose scenario The first reason for Americans’ anger is ACA’s usage as a political football. Democrats use it to prove their bona fides with their political base. The Republicans use it to bash the Democrats and to make inroads into Democrat as well as Independent voter support. Healthcare is played like a win-lose scenario, a game where there is an invariable winner (Washington) and a constant loser – us (We The Patients.) 2: Slimy passage process An old aphorism warns that there are two things you don’t want to watch being made: sausages and laws. The way that ACA was pushed through Congress in 2010 was nauseating: Chicago-style strong-arm tactics, smoky...(Read Full Article)