Obama is Betraying the Republic's Trust

The current occupant of White House has been in office for 6 years.  He could not have achieved this without the refusal of the media to affirmatively vet his past, and then, the media’s abandonment of all objectivity to actively support and protect Obama from all forms of criticism.   In first averting, and then betraying, their indelegable public duty to hold government accountable for its actions, the media has betrayed the free republic that tolerates its existence in the first place.  With their betrayal of first the public trust, and then the Republic’s trust, the media has literally, and finally, cut its own throat.  Only 40% of Americans get their information from the "Big 3" networks and newspapers.  Everyone else has turned to multiple, alternate sources such as FOX News, Drudge Report, and blogs like American Thinker that can offer them more points of view. In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was an...(Read Full Article)