Obama is Betraying the Republic's Trust

The current occupant of White House has been in office for 6 years.  He could not have achieved this without the refusal of the media to affirmatively vet his past, and then, the media’s abandonment of all objectivity to actively support and protect Obama from all forms of criticism.  

In first averting, and then betraying, their indelegable public duty to hold government accountable for its actions, the media has betrayed the free republic that tolerates its existence in the first place.  With their betrayal of first the public trust, and then the Republic’s trust, the media has literally, and finally, cut its own throat.  Only 40% of Americans get their information from the "Big 3" networks and newspapers.  Everyone else has turned to multiple, alternate sources such as FOX News, Drudge Report, and blogs like American Thinker that can offer them more points of view.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was an unknown.  The fact that he remains so to this day to a large segment of the country, despite the every-growing laundry list of constitutional violations, excesses of power, and usurpation of Congressional authority that continue each and every day in his corrupt administration, is inexcusable.  Given the damage already done to this country’s citizens, its infrastructure, its relationships with friends and enemies alike, and the decline in its power and prestige around the world, such continued blind support in the face of domestic and international realities is intolerable, and the American people are finally taking notice.

Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the Border and Immigration, the lavish vacations, his MIA status whenever any crisis breaks -- take your pick of these and more.  They are all solely of Obama's own making and cannot be successfully blamed on anyone else. 

Even the most ardent of independents are starting to realize they’ve been lied to, and one thing Americans hate is being lied to -- especially by someone they supported.  The naïve but enthusiastic youth voters who supported the idea of Obama have come crashing back to earth, many no longer able to find either a job or affordable health insurance, or start up a family of their own.  Young blacks have been hit harder than any other group as far as being unable to find work of any kind.  These voters know they have been betrayed. 

Even members of his own party are now starting to question his actions and his motives.  Only the most radical and stalwart socialist-leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid choose to ignore all the signs and facts around them.  When your own party of locksteppers starts to question your utter lack of leadership and constant fundraising in the face of crisis, your outlook is very bleak indeed.  Yet the media remains largely silent, taking the position that if they cannot say anything nice about Obama, they simply won’t report anything negative.  International events are starting to outpace them.  The dam has burst and the media stands on a soapbox proclaiming “All is well” while the floodwaters race through the town, destroying everything.

The economy still stinks.  Prices continue to rise.  The great unspoken tragedy during this unhappy rollercoaster has been the ever-rising cost of basics -- food at the grocery store, gasoline for the family car, and the loss in savings as these are drained away in a desperate effort to keep pace with the first two items.  American families have seen their real earnings in income reduced.  Black voters have seen their incomes reduced more significantly under Obama than at any other time during their history.  Real unemployment is still unmanageable and the number of people who have simply dropped out of the workforce may have as much as doubled during the last 6 years.  Has any of this made the news?  Has it led any evening reports?  Has anyone but FOX even mentioned these things?  When’s the last time you read a story about the cost of a loaf of bread or a pound of hamburger since Obama was elected? 

There is another issue.  The tendency of this president to endanger our country by undermining or reducing the military’s capability to successfully engage and make war on the enemy by the use of overwhelming force cannot be ignored.  The unwise announcement to our enemies of our withdrawal schedules from countries where we are conducting active combat operations, the inexplicable reductions in force of our military, and the refusal to enforce our borders constitute a slow-boil crisis.  Obama has proven he does not have America’s best interests at heart.  He continuously antagonizes our former friends, and seems to always come down on the side of our enemies.  What of Obama’s oath of office?

Talking heads still characterize this man as if he can be reasoned with.  Obama has proven he is an ideologue.  If you support his worldview he counts you as a friend; if you oppose him on any issue, you are an enemy and must be attacked.  Unfortunately, the last 6 years has proven that the only worldview he will entertain is one where the United States has been deliberately reduced in power and status to just another country.  Such naiveté is exceedingly dangerous.  Israel is already receiving the brunt of his foolish foreign policy.  As history teaches and we have already seen, nature abhors a vacuum.  The world must have a country to lead it.  If America does not, an emboldened Russia will.

Many are speculating about impeachment and whether Obama would resign.  The Republicans will never impeach, for the political cost is too high and all they have to do is not screw up more than usual to win the Senate in November.  That could be a tough task for the GOP, who can’t seem to tie their shoes, much less offer a viable presidential candidate.  Their recent candidate history read likes a Who’s Who of losers -- people  like Romney, who was so unpalatable to conservative voters that 7 million of them stayed home on Election Day in 2012.  As far as resigning, Obama’s history shows a strange pattern of quitting on things and not following through to the end.  If the Republicans do win big in November, it’s possible Obama might exit stage left.  The country would be only slightly better off.  The bleeding would stop but the damage would continue with skinny-dipping Joe Biden waiting in the wings to leave his mark of embarrassment on the nation and the world. 

So what of the GOP?  Name me one viable candidate that could command a national following.   Rick Perry has managed to look more presidential than Obama of late (not a hard task) in protecting our border where Obama has blocked or avoided border enforcement, and this has made him a viable contender for the presidency again.  Its some payback for Obama’s earlier snub of Perry on the tarmac in Austin, but that is inconsequential compared to the beating that Americans and the American economy has taken at the hands of the most measurably failed presidency in modern history.  Any way you look at it, Obama has been an utter and dismal failure.

The only person grateful for this should be Jimmy Carter, who can now relinquish the title of worst president in modern history.  I thought I would never live to see anyone worse than Carter in the White House during my lifetime.  I was wrong.