'No Justice No Peace': Riots to Follow

"No Justice, No Peace" is one of a family of phrases that are the favored tools of the rabble rouser. Here's a look at how it works: The slogan "No Justice No Peace" has a rich history of use by demonstrators of many stripes, both in England by the "chanting classes" and in the U.S. It never seems to signal any good news; as Thomas Sowell notes, "The slogan 'No Justice, no peace' has been used to justify settling legal issues on the streets, instead of in courts of law." I disagree -- I don't think anyone is trying to settle anything; they are trying to keep a bad thing alive. We hear it again in Ferguson, Missouri and it might be a good idea to analyze what "No Justice, No Peace" means in this case, as it does so often lately.  The idea of "justice" involves the concepts of fairness and retribution. Fairness is largely in the eye of the beholder. Angry shouters of...(Read Full Article)