How Best Not to Respond to ISIS

For the left, American power must never be exercised except in the direst of situations, and even then, it must not be a unilateral exercise of power. This is the logic underlying the White House response to ISIS, or the Islamic State, as it calls itself.  At this time, the U.S. military has the capacity to obliterate this gang of thugs with a relatively modest projection of force.  If the administration continues to drag its feet, it will be much harder.  Yet Obama continues to drag his feet, because he believes that America “leads from behind.” Never in our history has a president enunciated such a nonsensical foreign policy.  To begin with, “lead from behind” is a childish oxymoron – the sort of mantra this administration invents to suppress thought and discussion rather than to encourage them.  “Lead from behind” is a mindless contradiction, and as such it suggests that Obama’s foreign policy is either...(Read Full Article)