Democrats Face the Republicans' Familiar Dilemma in 2016

In 2008, Barack Obama rode the crest of anti-war sentiment, an economic downturn, and opposition to an unpopular outgoing president all the way to the Oval Office.  Now, his approval rating among the American populace is dismal, and Democrats are running for the hills to distance themselves from his flagship legislation and foreign policy debacles that have destabilized the globe and weakened American influence abroad.  He has reached out to our enemies to no avail, snubbed our allies, and is among the leading suspects (to put it mildly) in a number of scandals: Fast and Furious; broadly enhanced NSA snooping upon ordinary Americans, Congress, and our foreign allies; the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS in an election year; and the willful subversion of border security protocol defined by federal legislation.  He is so toxic, in fact, that his all-but-anointed successor, Hillary Clinton, is now seeking to distance herself from the Obama...(Read Full Article)