Can you Tell Who the Bad Guys are Now?

You would have thought that Barack Obama and David Cameron, the nominal leaders of the free world, would have had it all figured out by now. Obama, in the sixth year of his presidency and Cameron in his fourth as prime minister, have both nevertheless been loath to identify the growing menace that threatens the survival of the West. During the recent war in Gaza, Obama -- and to a lesser degree Cameron -- were prepared to lend diplomatic cover to a terrorist organization whose own acts of depravity -- over the course of not one month, but twenty years -- vitiated against all civilized norms. As counter-revolutionary fervor gripped the people of Iran in June, 2009 and significant civilian protests presented a direct threat to the Iranian regime the two -- even if Cameron was still only an opposition leader -- failed to appreciate the historic importance of the Green Movement and allowed it to sink from view in an enveloping fog of vacillation and diplomatic paralysis. As...(Read Full Article)