The U.S. Constitution: Beautifully Conceived

Teaching in high schools in New York City for twenty-one years, it was disturbing to see that U.S. history textbooks often distance themselves from open praise and delight at the system of government our country enjoys.  No sense of resounding gratitude is expressed for our Constitution.  Federalism and checks and balances are dryly presented in a detached manner as mere mechanisms.  There is no sense of honor accorded to the incredible vision of a government “conceived in liberty,” with the centers of power placed under wonderful constraints against tyranny.    Further, students will typically find politically correct statements in their books or hear them from their teachers to the effect that in the beginning women could not vote, the slaves had no rights, and “liberties still had to be won.”  These disclaimers are intended to dilute the students’ patriotism; our founding was just another event on the world stage....(Read Full Article)