The Biggest American Deficit: Trust

Trust stands alone in the glass menagerie of fragile personal and national virtues. Without trust, individual, commercial, and civic relationships are impossible.  Children must trust parents, couples must trust each other, and families must be able to trust the state. Indeed, all the estates of society are bound by trust in one form or other; family, government, commerce, and religion.  A deficit of trust is like an open wound, not necessarily fatal immediately, but surely a potential agent for permanent disability or death.  Cynics might dismiss any notion of national values, but American legal tender carries a clear message about virtues like trust and faith, the later a necessary predicate. “In God we trust” says nothing about any specific religion but it says everything about faith, the requirement to believe in fellows and community. Faith is the necessary acknowledgement that democratic success is collaboration. The routine acts of everyday life...(Read Full Article)