President Barack Obama and Napoleon Bonaparte

How many pens does President Barack Obama have and how many phones does he use to exercise unilateral executive power? The United States Supreme Court did not answer these questions but it did examine whether he has acted in an unconstitutional manner in exercising that power. The Court in National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning on June 26, 2014 decided by vote of 9-0 that the president’s non-recess appointments were an unconstitutional abuse of power because his action usurped the advice and consent duties of the U.S. Senate. This decision was based on the technical issue of whether the U.S. Senate was in “recess” or in session when the appointments were made, and the Court decided they were invalid because the Senate was not in recess. Though some immediate problems arise as a result of the Court’s decision, such as the future of recess appointments, and the many previous rulings of the NLRB involving members of the Board, more...(Read Full Article)