On Rainwater and Sewage

The nature of Schadenfreude can be manifested in many interesting and perverse forms. I must admit that savoring the long-awaited comeuppance of an American regime, albeit a Progressive one that has breached its constitutional limits and grasped at powers that the Founders had judiciously restrained from its clutches by force of law, carries with it a certain unwholesome satisfaction -- like a man who cheers for the destruction of a cherished house that has been ripped away from him and appropriated for unholy purposes. The righteous demand for justice, embedded like iron in the marrow of our bones, is invigorated when we witness either a man or a political ideology finally getting its just deserts – even if we should ourselves suffer mightily in the process. Anyone who has partaken of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago understands this sentiment intimately. The careful reader recalls how, while toiling in the permafrost as a zek bricklayer, he prayed that the West would...(Read Full Article)