Mr. Lynch Rides to Washington: Documenting the Ruins of the Fourth Estate

If thousands to hundreds of thousands of “Barry-cade”-busting veterans, flag-waving bikers, and anti-abortion marchers fall on our nation’s capital, and the press isn’t there to cover it, do they make a sound?  They do, thanks to Dennis Michael Lynch’s latest documentary, We Ride to DC, which shows how “life doesn’t match mainstream media reports.” No one who saw Lynch’s 2012 film They Come to America is surprised by the flood of children overwhelming Border Patrol.  If 60 Minutes or 20/20 had shown the rest of the American public the truth about border security, it might not have come to this.  But that would mean we’d have a very different press – a press that doesn’t funnel 88% of its campaign contributions to the Democratic Party, and isn’t ideologically aligned with Obama and open borders advocates in Washington. Lynch is an investigative filmmaker who’s making a...(Read Full Article)