Mr. Lynch Rides to Washington: Documenting the Ruins of the Fourth Estate

If thousands to hundreds of thousands of “Barry-cade”-busting veterans, flag-waving bikers, and anti-abortion marchers fall on our nation’s capital, and the press isn’t there to cover it, do they make a sound?  They do, thanks to Dennis Michael Lynch’s latest documentary, We Ride to DC, which shows how “life doesn’t match mainstream media reports.”

No one who saw Lynch’s 2012 film They Come to America is surprised by the flood of children overwhelming Border Patrol.  If 60 Minutes or 20/20 had shown the rest of the American public the truth about border security, it might not have come to this.  But that would mean we’d have a very different press – a press that doesn’t funnel 88% of its campaign contributions to the Democratic Party, and isn’t ideologically aligned with Obama and open borders advocates in Washington.

Lynch is an investigative filmmaker who’s making a difference.  He sells his films direct online at, and with every purchase includes two extra copies to spread around.  He’s spoken on invitation at scores of film screenings across the country and become a fairly regular guest on Fox.  “My goal,” he tells me in an interview, “is to fight the mainstream media in areas where Fox cannot.”

When he’s speaking at a screening, firing up a crowd of bikers, leading veterans through barricades during the government shutdown, and confronting liberal hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi, he’s charged with the same righteous indignation that powered the late, great Andrew Breitbart in his war against the “Democrat-media complex.”

He believes that the Fourth Estate is “a major reason why we are where we are as a country,” largely because of its members' reluctance to investigate or report anything that makes President Obama look bad. 

As my film clearly points out, the mainstream media spent little to no time on the IRS targeting story, they gave no time to Benghazi, they offered no honest reporting from the border.   And what's really scary is they’re repeating the process now with Hillary...You cannot have a functional society when the media is so dysfunctional.

The mainstream press has been running bleeding-heart stories about border detention centers filled with “child refugees” “fleeing poverty and violence,” but they’re ignoring or underreporting the diseases coming over with them and being spread by the busload across the country.  Also ignored are the large numbers of unrelated adults

Lynch bristles at the term “refugees.”

Fact is, they think they can come here and be granted access because the Obama administration is amnesty happy.   As for the media – they’re as guilty as the elites in DC, if not more...They never put an American face on the problem, nor do they show the impact on jobs and national security. 

He says the flood of illegal immigration won’t stop until a clear message is sent.

The message is ‘deportation.’  The people coming here illegally have to be immediately sent home.  I’d also send an invoice to the home country for the cost of the deportation...Until we have a president who takes a hard stance on illegal immigration, the influx will continue and the impact on American workers, American culture, schools, hospitals, prisons, welfare and national security will be devastating.

That’s not a view condoned by the liberals who dominate the media.  Right-leaning Fox is the exception, but, as Media Research Center’s Brent Bozzell explains in the film, Fox’s audience share is outnumbered by the combined viewership for the “main powerhouses” ABC, NBC, and CBS, plus CNN and MSNBC.  And that’s not including the liberal messaging in Hollywood entertainment programming, which has virtually no counterweight on the right.

Bozell tells Lynch that the mainstream media “have decided simply not to report the truth if the truth gets in the way of the narrative.”  It’s “deliberate bias” where “you attack one side” or  “the bias by omission where you ignore the other side.”

The number-one issue ignored by the press, according to Bozzell, is abortion. 

Omission is a powerful bias.  I’ve worked in downtown D.C. for well over a decade, have seen small groups of anti-abortion demonstrators riding Metro, but never appreciated the magnitude of the annual March for Life until I saw Lynch’s film.  “We typically get underreported,” a man tells him.  “Last year,” a female marcher says, “the day after the March for Life there was a small anti-gun rally with about two thousand people and it got more coverage than we had with hundreds of thousands.”  She tells him, “The liberal media doesn’t want to report about the truth about abortion in pro-life America.”  They also ignored the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who’s serving three life terms, as the ugly truth about atrocities committed in his Philadelphia abortion clinic unfolded.

Omission extends to reminders of 9/11.  Eight hundred thousand motorcycles roar into DC on the twelfth anniversary to counter a “Million Muslim March” that drew about two dozen people, and there’s not a sound from the major networks.  Even worse are the film’s contrasting clips from the national moment of silence that show Today Show hosts discussing Jenner Kardashian’s breast implants while Fox & Friends honor the observance and CSPAN-3 broadcasts the reading of the names of victims at Ground Zero.

Retired NBC and Fox newsman John Roland tells Lynch, “The news used to be dictated by what we thought the people wanted to know.  Now, I believe it’s dictated by what the [media thinks] people should know.”

The mainstream media didn’t think the American people should know about a terrorist “dry run” on a U.S. Airways flight from D.C. to Orlando that occurred a month after the 9/11 biker rally.  Four “Middle Eastern men” suddenly got up, rummaged through overhead bins, changed seats, and generally made a scene, apparently to “occupy and distract flight attendants.”  A federal air marshal tells a local station there have been similar dry runs on several of his flights.

As for the Obama administration “phony” scandals that would have gotten any previous president impeached: “When the senate reported a scathing report blaming the State Department and Hillary Clinton for Benghazi,” according to Bozzell, “it received only half the coverage that Michelle Obama’s birthday party received.”

Roland says that had Benghazi happened in his time, the press were “terriers” who would have “grabbed a hold of that pants leg” and not let go.  

Lynch has had a hold of the pant leg on illegal immigration and shows no sign of letting go.  With help from the press, America is being turned upside-down by illegal immigration.  There’s no more vivid example than last fall’s government shutdown.  At one end of the National Mall, the National Park Service, under Obama’s order, does everything possible to keep elderly World War II veterans from seeing the monument erected in their honor.  Meanwhile, at the other end, they allow the Camino Americano: Concert and March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect, organized by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, CASA de Maryland, the AFL-CIO and SEIU, to go on.  (Guess whose side Nancy Pelosi was on.)  It’s a surreal juxtaposition and an example of what Lynch says is crushing the American spirit.

If there’s any hope to draw from We Ride to DC, it’s that, despite mainstream media reports, the American spirit is still alive.  Thanks to the work of Lynch, Fox, and countless others in the new media, we can still see it.

Robert Small is a freelance writer who made national headlines last September after a video of his arrest for criticizing Common Core education standards at a Maryland education town hall went viral.

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