L'Etat, C'est Gay: Taking the New Sexual Fascism Seriously

After months of collaboration with dozens of family activists, my blogging squad (English Manif) was able to publish a catalog of 300 real-life examples of totalitarian conduct by the gay marriage and gay parenting movement.  For the convenience of readers, and to allow for discussion with common reference points, we have numbered the examples. The incidents range from small and episodic things, like #13 (banning the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing”) and #72 (the social media efforts by gays against Gloria Estefan over her contract with Target department stores), to the grave and severe, such as #157 (the imprisonment of a young French man for opposing same-sex marriage) or #162 (the hiring of trained provocateurs to infiltrate the French Manif pour Tous).  They range from bureaucratically serious, like #156 (the felonious release of confidential tax returns to the Human Rights Campaign by the IRS), to the emotionally manipulative, like #164...(Read Full Article)