Knock-Knock and the Bumblebee

In differentiating between those significant distinctions that comprise the tribes of men, there is little we can learn by considering solely the hue of one’s skin or geographic locale. In fathoming a civilization’s ruling essence, we are obligated to consider the hierarchy of values that cultures hold dear in their heart of hearts: those propositions a people embrace that inform their common Weltanschauung and set into motion the highest virtues that their moral imaginations can aspire to. While all civilizations might share some abstract moral values to one degree or another, it is a social order’s understanding and ordering of truth, freedom, law, order, courage, piety (and their relations to a communal knowledge of God and man), that grants the possibility for beauty, transcendence, and happiness to be enjoyed. If we look closely, we will find that the tensions between these conflicting values often result in disparate modes of viewing the world and the place of...(Read Full Article)