Impeachment: The Red Line and the Last Straw

Where is the red line of impeachment? In theory, a red line might be located somewhere on a list of impeachable offenses – perhaps at the point where a certain number of transgressions is exceeded, or next to a specific instance because of its significance or impact. In reality, though, that red line exists along a spectrum of “political will.”  As Andrew McCarthy explained: “You can have a thousand provable impeachable offenses, but before Congress may remove the president from power, there must be strong popular support – a public will that cuts across partisan and ideological lines.” Wherever that red line of impeachment is drawn, certainly Obama – with his pen, phone, and pencil – must be drawing nearer to it by the day. In May, Sen. Ted Cruz issued his fourth edition of “The Legal Limit Report,” which lists 76 instances of Obama’s lawlessness.  Last month saw the release of Ben Shapiro’s...(Read Full Article)