How Litigating Lost E-mails Works

On July 4, 2014, I wrote an article, “Litigating Lost E-mails,” which proposed using federal judges to compel corrupt bosses to the IRS to force the Obama administration to tell the truth about the “lost” e-mails or face the consequences of lying to federal judges.  What I proposed was to do what Democrats did forty years ago this month to Nixon.  The case filed against Nixon in United States District Court was decided on May 31, 1974, and the case was argued before the Supreme Court on July 8, 1974.  The unanimous decision (Justice Rehnquist recused himself) was decided barely two weeks later on July 24, 1974. The political impact of that decision was immediate and seismic.  Fifteen days after the decision, Richard Nixon became the first president to resign from office.  Three months later, Republicans suffered enormous losses, which included not only Congress, but also state legislative races, where Republicans saw the number of...(Read Full Article)