French and British Heroes Fight Radical Evil

The late actor Steve McQueen, the “king of cool” -- relaxed, detached, self-confident -- is best remembered for his frenetic car chase through the streets of San Francisco as Bullitt, a detective in pursuit of Mafia villains. The recent republication of a novel Early One Morning by Robert Ryan, inspired by real life heroes, rekindles memories of similar cool characters, daring racing car drivers who became members of the French Resistance during World War II. Their true story of heroism, romance, and betrayal is even stranger than fiction. The real account is of two courageous and resourceful individuals, one French, one British, and a third person, a slightly younger Frenchman who played a less important role. Successful in their racing car careers, they then endangered their lives by engaging in underground operations against the German Nazis occupying France. Interestingly, the qualities displayed by the three racers, as by the fictional Bullitt, were those...(Read Full Article)