Do Corporations Rule America?

I suppose it's natural that the average American believes that the Crash of 2008 was caused by greedy bankers and that the problem with health insurance is insurance company profits. After all, most Americans work for big companies, and they know that at any moment corporate security could appear at their cubicle to escort them to the exit. Employees know the power their bosses have over them; why shouldn't the bosses have the same power to work their will over politicians? Not only that, but politicians pose as the worker's friend. We'll protect you from the ravishings of your lascivious employer, they say. We'll regulate the bosses and carve out a share of their profits to return to you in benefits. What is not to like about politicians? What's not to hate about corporate bosses? How do you begin to persuade a rank-and-file American that business is their friend and government is their enemy? Good luck with persuading the 18,000...(Read Full Article)