Diana and Ron: Backstory

See also: Diana and Ron: What Was Going On?                 Diana and Ron: The Second Front On the same day as he published “McCarthy on Steroids,” Ron Radosh explained his motives in a PJ Media essay, “Why I Wrote a Take-down of Diana West’s Awful Book.” Radosh essentially argues that he’s playing William F. Buckley to West’s Robert Welch, head of the John Birch Society.  Like Buckley, he is purging conservatism of a fanatic, in the interest of preserving the intellectual respectability of the movement. The comparison is not apt.  Welch’s most notorious accusation -- that Eisenhower was a Communist agent -- was a fantasy.  Though she is certainly mistaken about some of the consequences, and her hyperbole regrettable, West’s discussion of Communist subversion is based on evidence from the Venona transcripts, Russian archives, the...(Read Full Article)