Conservatives Seek Restoration, Not Nostalgia

People tend to romanticize the past. Whether we are thinking of departed loves ones or a treasured national history, we easily over-rouge the blemishes that mar any life or any heritage. With respect to America, some conservatives surely think of the past in selective terms. They develop a lovely vision of supposedly halcyon days of yore that omits grim realities they would rather ignore.  It’s possible there are those (I know no one like this, but for the sake of argument) who believe that we can emancipate ourselves from the political, social, and cultural accretions of 238 years of history and return to an America that never really was. These efforts are grounded in unreality and, thus, doomed to failure.  We can neither reconstruct what never existed nor massively change all the things we dislike immediately and comprehensively. Such agendas are the stuff of intellectual child’s play, not serious thinking about where we are and where we...(Read Full Article)