You've Been Living in a VA Dreamworld, Liberals

If you're a conservative you look at the VA scandal and ask, what else is new? A bureaucracy faking waiting lists? Knocking off work at 3:00 pm? Covering up so that the bosses don't know what is going on? For conservatives that is just the way that any bureaucracy works. But how do we know that? Because Hayek?  Because Mises?  Because Buchanan and Tullock? Because James C. Scott? If so, then no wonder that liberals are completely blindsided by the VA health care mess. Their evolved and intelligent college teachers at their selective colleges made sure they never cracked The Constitution of Liberty, Bureaucracy, The Calculus of Consent, or Seeing Like a State. But there is some common cultural ground with our liberal friends. Charles Dickens. We've all read Dickens, I presume. And what do we find in Dickens?  Buried in plain sight in the London of Little Dorrit are the Barnacles and the Stiltstockings that work in the...(Read Full Article)