#YesAllNormal: Standing up for the Average Man

Average men are the most undervalued and maligned group of people in our society. As we have seen  recently with the twitter #YesAllWomen frenzy, White Privilege and the frantic alarm of misogyny as a result of the Isla Vista killings, it appears average white men are the single most dangerous group of people in our country. Slate.com writes, “Every few years, the American public has to watch in horror as some white kid goes on a rampage…” and attributes this to “…the rage at the core of Rodger’s horrific acts is not unlike the kind of middle-class, heterosexual, white male rage that drives much of social policy in this country.”  The FBI reports that more than half (52%) of homicides are committed by non-white individuals. Slate excuses this by stating, “…the problems of urban violence, which disproportionately involve young men of color, largely happen on residential terrain. Black men are not rolling onto...(Read Full Article)