Where is America's Sense of Self-Preservation?

Many Western nations are restricting immigration because of popular anger at the unwelcome changes brought about by mass immigration.  America seems to be the rare country with the misfortune of having politicians who won’t stand up for citizens.    How many nations around the world have to be thrown into crisis and division for us to learn that mass immigration is not always a positive?  Israel, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Norway are just a few of the Western nations that energetically guard their territorial integrity, and some party leaders in those countries openly explain why they do so. Israel’s “smart fence” protects “the character of the country”   When faced with a massive influx of African immigrants, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2011, “This growing wave threatens Israelis’ jobs, is changing the character of the country and we must stop it.”  That is what any...(Read Full Article)