Unite Against Capitalism

In the UK there's an organization by the name Unite Against Fascism (UAF), which says that its primary aim is to “fight against racism and fascism”. This is what it says on the tin: “We believe that these dangers [“fascism” and “racism”] require a strong and united response from all those dedicated to freedom and democracy.” This organization has many and various links to the British Labour Party, as well as to trade unions, professors, lawyers, Muslim groups, journalists, etc. As just stated, Unite Against Fascism often claims to be fighting only against racism and fascism. It also claims that it's neither “party-political” nor allied to any particular political movement or ideology. These are blatantly obvious lies -- from top to bottom. The thing is, this fight against racism and fascism is simply the main weapon in the revolutionary socialist's arsenal. Take this article: 'Crucial Time...(Read Full Article)