The Straw that May Break the Establishment's Back

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) ouster in a recent primary campaign was undoubtedly a signal to politicians of both established political brands.  It is only too obvious, media and politicians to the contrary notwithstanding, that Cantor’s constituents unseated him because of his position in support of rewarding illegal immigrants with an imminent path to citizenship, while securing our borders seemed a far more distant priority.  In fact, this is so obvious that few would argue against the truth in that last statement.  The more fashionable tactic is to assert that this primary was just a microcosm that just cannot, in any way, represent the American people.  Brit Hume suggested something akin to this on Fox News, saying that “Republicans will go forward into the 2016 election without their name associated with immigration reform which will make it very difficult for any Republican to become president.”  And Las Vegas...(Read Full Article)