The National Climate Assessment (NCA) Doubles Down on Doom

President Barack Obama has decided to make “combating climate change” one of the top priorities of his second term; his EPA has pursued policies that amount to a “war on coal” -- or more specifically on emissions of carbon–dioxide.  On June 2, EPA announced a goal of a 30% reduction by 2030 -- focusing mainly on coal-fired powerplants that currently supply well over one-third of US electricity. The proposed EPA rules would cost approximately $51 billion a year and destroy 224,000 jobs each year through 2030.  The poor and people on fixed incomes will be hurt the most.  And all this pain will be for absolutely no gain: It will have no impact at all on the global climate, according to reports published by the libertarian Heartland Institute – based on peer-reviewed climate science. Apparently, Mr. Obama has become convinced that CO2 is responsible for Global Warming – and that anthropogenic GW (AGW) is dangerous.  Or...(Read Full Article)