The Murder of Klinghoffer

Leon Klinghoffer did not “die.” He was murdered because he was a Jew. That stark fact is the unstated reality in the controversy over the New York Metropolitan Opera production of the opera The Death Of Klinghoffer, composed by John Adams with libretto by Alice Goodman. Bowing to what the general manager, Peter Gelb, called “unimaginable pressure,” including hundreds of emails, he cancelled plans for the live, global broadcast in movie theaters and on the radio. Though Mr. Gelb does not believe the work is anti-Semitic his decision was based on the concern that it might fan anti-Semitism in the world, particularly in Europe. This concern is wholly justifiable in the light of recent events in France. French authorities have banned the live shows of the comedian Dieudonne for inciting anti-Semitic hatred. However, he gets millions of views on his satirical videos on the Internet that spread the hatred of Jews. Coincidentally (or as a result of the videos?), a...(Read Full Article)