The Good News Democrats

The town was pretty empty except for tourists Friday afternoon, but the Press Club bar was packed and loud. Even with my hearing aids tucked away in my purse, I hardly missed a word. Jack the bartender turned away from the tap and pointed me to an empty booth as a sweaty fellow who had just quickly downed his vodka on the rocks lamented that Americans now had little confidence in the news media. Twenty-two percent expressed some confidence in the newspapers; 18% in TV news, and 19% in the internet. “I remember when we used to make fun of those Internet posters, the guys in pajamas we called them,” he moaned, slamming his glass on the zinc and motioning for a refill. “What do they want anyway?” the gal who writes for one of the Style Sections seated next to him asked. “Ever since Obama was elected, we’ve been handing them sugar-coated news. I mean if they wanted us to act like the fourth estate and root out government corruption, they...(Read Full Article)