The Democratic Party's War On Women

While his poll numbers have plummeted and a midterm election nears, President Obama is dusting off the old women’s issues playbook of his party and is basing his speeches on its anachronistic rhetoric. They are attempting to once again portray themselves as the only political party that serves women. They are doing this by attacking Republicans as the party that wants to abolish birth control and tolerate lower incomes for women. The plain fact is, the rhetoric of birth control and income equality are relics of the 1960s and 1970s and are not directly relevant to the issues of adult women living under the Obama economy. It is the changes in their lives that have occurred since Obama took office that are on their minds.  When it comes to an examination of the behavior of Democrats toward women, however, what they have actually done, and what Obama has done, is far more damaging and revealing of their war on women. While Democrats might predict that...(Read Full Article)