The Compromise Canard

Barack Obama and many Democrats routinely accuse Republicans of being incapable of compromise.  Journalists follow their orders and spread the message.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  In fact, Tea Party members often object that Republicans compromise on too many issues.  A big tent leads to such disputation; it is called liberty.  Valid arguments can be made to support a variety of positions.  But it is a myth propagated by liberals that refusal to compromise is built into the DNA of conservatives.  Call it projection or call it propaganda, but liberals -- led by the president -- have been the ones who have repeatedly refused to compromise.  They do not respect the will of the American people and have made a mockery of our Constitution.  Barack Obama set the tone and revealed his agenda early in his presidency.  A mere three days after his first inauguration, he gathered Republican and Democratic leaders at the White...(Read Full Article)