The Bizarro World of Barack Obama's Birth Narrative

The search for truth in Barack Obama's sketchy 1995 autobiography Dreams from My Father continues with a look into the many discrepancies and oddities in Barack's birth narrative.  Although not mentioned in Dreams, it could be said this birth narrative officially began in 1960, when Barack's "mother," Stanley Ann Dunham, reportedly moved to Hawaii just after graduating from "Mercer Island High School."  This "little-known secret" wasn't revealed by Barack until October 26, 2006 at a Democratic rally in Bellevue, WA. Surprisingly, the 1956-1960 Seattle/Honolulu Polk directories do more or less agree with Barack's Mercer Island narrative.  (1) The 1956-1959 Seattle Polk directories (with an exception of 1958) lists the Dunhams on Mercer Island.  (2) The March 1960 Seattle Telephone directory lists the Dunhams on Mercer Island.  (3) The 1960-1961 Honolulu Polk directory lists the Dunhams at 6085...(Read Full Article)